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Delete a Calculated Field

User-created calculated fields can be deleted if you don’t want to continue using the calculation.


Deleting a calculated field is permanent and can’t be undone.

  1. In the left navigation menu, select Data SourcesFields.

  2. In the Fields table, find the calculated field you want to delete.

  3. Select the ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More] menu at the right of the row.

  4. Select Delete.

  5. Review the pop-up and confirm that you want to proceed.

Effects of deleting a calculated field

Deleted calculated fields remain visible in the Fields table. If your calculated field had a fixed or sliding tracking window, then previous calculations may also be visible on individual participant profiles.



No tracking window

The deleted fields remains on participants' profiles with value frozen in time.

Tracking window

The deleted field is immediately removed from participants' profiles.

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