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Introduction to Postbacks for Partners's postback system will send you live updates on action lifecycle events, inform you of when action inquiries are created by you or resolved by a partnered brand, or notify you when changes are made to a partnered brand's product catalog.

You must configure postbacks via the web app if you elect to receive updates this way. This is done of the Event Notifications screen, which you can find by performing the following steps:

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Cloud]Event Notifications.

  2. Configure a postback system.

    • Only cashback and loyalty partners will have access to's action inquiry postback system. If you are a cashback/loyalty partner and you do not see this option, reach out to your Publisher Account Manager (or contact support).


We have provided a list of IP address ranges that you will need to whitelist. Ensure that you whitelist the entire range, as you may accidentally be preventing's postback system from communicating with your system if you do not.

  • You can receive real-time updates whenever an event (like a tracked action being attributed to you) occurs.

  • You are not subject to rate limits, which is not the case if you decide to use's API.

  • You will have access to more conversion point data that is available in'sAPI.

    • Even if you don't see the data point you need in our UI when setting up your postbacks, we likely have the data point available if you reach out to your Publisher Account Manager (or contact support).

  • You can receive data points as query strings in case your system cannot consume XML or JSON file formats.

Best practices

  • If you need to receive constant updates on actions attributed to you or action inquiries you create, use postbacks over API calls.

  • If you are a cashback or loyalty partner, you should use postbacks as they align with your business model best. If you cannot receive postbacks, use data feeds.

  • Perform end-to-end tests for all postback systems you configure. This will ensure that your configuration is good and that you are including all desired data points.

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