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Respond to Brand Surveys

Brands can send you a survey after you've joined their program, or when you sign up for their program.

Respond to new surveys

  1. From the top navigation menu, select BrandsSurveys.

    • You'll see a circle-solid.svg [Notification badge] if a Brand sends you a new survey.

  2. Ensure the Surveys tab is selected, hover over an active survey, then select Respond.

    • Refer to the Status column on the Surveys screen to identify the active status.

  3. Complete the questions in the slideout and select Submit.

    • Questions with an * [Asterisk] are required.


Edit completed survey responses

Brands can choose to allow edited responses on some of their surveys. You will be able to edit your responses on these surveys.


If the edit option is not visible, then the Brand disabled this option and you can only view your responses.

  1. From the Surveys screen, hover over a completed survey, then select Edit Responses.

    • Refer to the Status column on the Surveys screen to identify the completed status.

  2. From the survey's slideout, edit your answers and select Submit.

    View your edited response history

    1. On the main Surveys screen, select the Responses tab.

    2. Navigate to the question for which you want to view the response history.

    3. Hover over the response, then select View History.

      • Here, you can view all your recorded responses.


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