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View & Request Promo Codes as a Partner

Brands can create Promo Codes and assign them to you. tracks when they're used, and assigns you credit whenever that happens. You can also request unique promo codes from your partnered brands.

View available promo codes

The Promo Codes screen lists available promo codes that you can use. You can filter your available promo codes by the brand that issued them. To use a promo code, share the Promo Code value (e.g., SAVE10) with your audience.

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Content.

  2. In the drop-down menu, select Promo Codes.

    • To learn more about the table on this page, see the Promo Codes list reference section below.

Promo Codes list reference

Promo Code

This is the actual promo code that a customer enters at checkout.


The brand that created this promo code.

Code Type

Tracking Codes: is tracking the promo code and will award you credit if it's used, depending on the credit rule.

Match Mode

  • Exact: The promo code must exactly match to receive credit.

  • Regular Expression (regex): A regular expression is used for matching, meaning it does not have to match exactly (e.g., the submitted code could include uppercase letters and you would still receive credit).

Credit Rule

  • Always: If this promo code is used, you will always get credit.

  • If Involved: If this promo code is used, you will only receive credit if you drove any click in the conversion life cycle.

  • If Winner: If this promo code is used, you will only receive credit if you drove the winning (typically the last) click.


The name of the deal that this promo code is associated with.

Scheduled Dates

The time period for which the promo code is valid (if specified).

Request a promo code

  1. Near the upper-right of the Promo Codes screen, select Request Promo Code.

  2. Select the Campaign (aka Program) that you want to promote.

    • Optionally, select a Deal from the chosen campaign.

  3. Enter the Suggested Promo Code that you would like to request.

    • Optionally, you can plus-circle-solid__1_.svg [plus] Add Another promo code if you want to request multiple promo codes.

  4. Select the date by which you want the promo code using the Date Needed date selector.

  5. Optionally, add Additional Instructions to the brand.

  6. Select Submit.



You can see the status of your requested promo codes from the Requests screen. If approved, your promo code will appear in the list of available promo codes on the Promo Codes screen.

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