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See Messages from Partners in Slack Messaging enables you to exchange messages with partners that have joined your program(s). By using Slack's Incoming Webhooks, you can configure a channel in your Slack workspace to notify you when partners send you a message.

How it works

  • You'll create a new app in your Slack workspace and generate a Webhook URL for the channel you want notifications to appear in.

  • In your Impact account, you'll add the specific webhook URL for that channel to enable the integration.

  • Once connected, any time you receive a message in Impact, the app will notify you via the Slack channel you provided.

Create an app in Slack

You'll need developer access to your Slack workspace in order to create apps.

  1. Go to and sign in to the Slack developer platform.

  2. On the Slack Apps dashboard, select Create New App.

  3. Give the app a name, such as

  4. Choose the workspace for the app.

  5. Select Create App.

Enable Incoming Webhooks and create a Webhook URL

  1. On the Slack API dashboard, find and select the app you created.

  2. On the app's management dashboard page, go to the Features section on the left side and select Incoming Webhooks.

  3. Next to Activate Incoming Webhooks, select [Toggle on] to enable it.

  4. When the page refreshes, go to the Webhook URLs for Your Workspace section and select Add New Webhook to Workspace.

  5. In the prompt, use the dropdown to select which channel can post to.

  6. Select Authorize.

  7. In the Webhook URL section, select Copy to copy the full Webhook URL of the channel.

Add your Slack Webhook URL to

  1. Sign in to In the left navigation bar, select [Notifications] [Settings].

  2. On the Notifications Frequency Settings page, go to the Messages section and select Messages [Edit].

  3. Use the dropdown to select Specific settings (Advanced)

  4. Next to New Messages, select Individual Email.

  5. Next to Slack Integration, paste in your Slack Webhook URL into the field.

  6. Select Save.

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