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Where Do I See My Overdue Commissions?

When commissions (i.e., action earnings) are marked as Overdue, it means that brand(s) owe you for locked actions that have been attributed to you and haven't fulfilled their obligations yet.

Note does not "hold" your overdue balance — the commissions have been tracked, attributed, and locked, but is still waiting for the payment(s) from the brand(s) — we recommend contacting the brand to learn more.

View your Overdue Action Earnings

The best way to learn more about your overdue earnings is via the Pending screen. This screen allows you to determine which brands owe you, then contact the brand directly.

  1. On your Dashboard, select your Total Pending amount.

  2. On the Pending screen, set the Transaction filter to Overdue.

  3. Select any overdue amount to see more details about the amount due to you.

    • Optionally, select the Action Earnings amount in this slide out for even more details about your earnings.

Contact brands about overdue payments

If you have overdue payments, reach out to your partnered brand to ask about when you will get paid. If you are still experiencing issues, contact support.

What happens when overdue commissions are fulfilled?

A fulfilled overdue commission will immediately move from Total Pending to your Balance, which can then be withdrawn depending on your Autopay setting.


You need at least $10.00 USD (or equivalent value in your local currency) to withdraw your balance.

Review Autopay setup

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. Under the Finance section, select Bank Account.

  3. Next to Autopay, check what your setting is:

Pay me when my balance reaches threshold:

If the threshold amount is lower than your account balance, then an automatic withdrawal will occur within the next 24 hours.

If the threshold amount is higher than your account balance, change your threshold amount to a value lower than your balance to initiate a withdrawal, which will occur within 24-48 hours of modifying the setting.

Pay me on a fixed day of the month:

If your account withdraws on a fixed day of the month, you’ll receive your balance the following month from when the overdue amount was fulfilled and placed in your available balance.

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