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Manage Your Marketplace Profile for Brands

Your Marketplace Profile is not only how you communicate what your brand is but also how you communicate the details of your program. This is the place to get potential partners excited about working with you, so you should take great care with what you include here.

Manage your marketplace profile

You should ensure your marketplace profile looks and reads exactly how you want it to. If anything changes regarding your marketplace profile, you can edit it here.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select ellipsis-v-solid.svg [Menu] → Settings.

  2. On the right, under General, select Marketplace Profile.

  3. Navigate to the sections below for more information on each field:

    • Program Information

    • Contacts

    • Program Visibility

    • Program Resources

    • Additional Information

  4. Select Save.

Program Information

Program Information



Enter the name of your program. This will be the name that appears wherever the program is referenced, like in reports.


Enter a more detailed description of your program. Partners can read this before applying to your brand. Maximum 200 characters.

Short Description

Provide a summarized description of your program. Maximum 80 characters.


Upload a picture for your program, like a company logo. This image will appear in the Brands Marketplace and on the Program Overview page. Maximum size of 155 x 65 pixels.

Cover Image

Upload an image of your website, app, or an example creative. This image will appear on your Brands Marketplace overview page. Maximum size of 524 x 240 pixels.

Service Areas

List your service area(s) to which you can provide goods and services to assist partners with consumer targeting.

Primary Category

Select the primary industry (or industries) that best describe your products or services. Providing this information can help partners find your program faster.

Secondary Category

Select another industry (or industries) that best describe your products or services. Providing this information can help partners find your program faster.

Does your business offer any of the following? (Optional)

Some partners are restricted to what they can promote. Select either of the following to find better matching partners:

  • CBD

  • Vaping

  • Adult Content

  • Gambling

Partner Business Model

Describes how a partner generates revenue. Select the type of partners you want to work with:

  • Content/Reviews

  • Deal/Coupons

  • Loyalty/Rewards

  • Creator

  • Network

  • Commerce Solution

  • Media Arbitrage

  • Cross Audience Monetization

A partner is a great match if.... (Optional)

Provide a description of you find makes a suitable partner. Maximum 100 characters.

Features you are offering (Optional)

Select which feature/s you offer as a brand:

  • Placement Opportunities

  • Send Free Products

  • Average Order Value

  • Work with Creators

  • Gift Card Payouts

  • Trademark Bidding

Search Keywords

Create a Brands Marketplace SEO list. Separate keywords with commas. Do not include spaces. Maximum 150 characters.




Company Contacts

Select one of your account users to act as a primary marketplace contact.

Agency Contacts

If an agency will manage this program and they will handle partner management, select an agency contact.

Program Visibility

Servicing Agency

If an agency will manage this program, you can publish their information in the Brands Marketplace. Learn how to invite agency users to your account.

Program Resources

Program Resources


Company Homepage

Enter the link to your company's website landing page.

Example Landing Page

Enter the link to a page that a consumer would land on if they clicked on an ad you provided to partners.

Program Information

Enter the link to a page that gives potential partners more information about your program.

Social Accounts (Optional)

Optionally toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] and select any social account you want to share with partners.

  • Enter the link to any social profile you want potential partners to be able to view about your company or program.

    • Facebook

    • Twitter/X

    • Instagram

    • Pinterest

    • YouTube

    • LinkedIn

    • Tiktok

    • Twitch

Additional Information
  • Links (Optional)

    • Add additional links you want to give potential partners to access.

  • PDF Files (Optional)

    • Add additional PDF Files that can give potential partners more information. Maximum file size is 7MB.


What do I need to do to enable Product Marketplace?

It’s critical that you check these items off your checklist before you can benefit from the perks of the Product Marketplace:

  1. Make sure to turn on and add Product Catalogs.

  2. Create workflows to automatically accept or reject partner applications based on conditions such (business model, partner size, country, etc.)

  3. If workflows are not in place, brands should actively monitor inbound partner applications to ensure partners remain engaged and don't lose interest.

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