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Partner Dashboard & Widgets Explained

The Home screen dashboard provides an overview of information about your Impact account. Dashboard widgets show a summary of your account performance and other metrics.

Some widgets only appear if you're a direct partner (i.e., you signed up directly with a brand) or if you're a marketplace partner (i.e., you've joined the Impact Marketplace and work with multiple brands).


The snapshot widget shows your account performance over a customizable date range.

  • Select the date range in the top right corner of the widget to change the date range of the displayed data.

  • Select one of the metrics (Clicks, Actions, Payouts, Sale Amount, Conversion Rate, EPC) to see that performance metric appear in the line graph.

  • Hover over any dot in the line graph to see the total recorded amount of the selected metric for that day.

  • Select Snapshot in the top left corner of the widget to view the full Overview report.

Create a link

The create a link widget is a quick way to create new short links and vanity links to promote the brand(s) you work with. These links have tracking capabilities built right in.

  1. Select the brand you wish to promote from the dropdown.

  2. Enter a landing page, or leave this field blank to use the brand's default landing page.

    • For example, if you're trying to create a short link to a brand's particular product or service, you can put the URL to that page here.

  3. In the link section, choose:

    • http(s)://—the link will attempt to use the secure version of HTTP if possible but will use regular HTTP as a fallback

    • http://—the link will only use regular HTTP.

    • https://—the link will only use the secure version of HTTP.

  4. If you wish to customize the short link (known as vanity links), you can select [Edit] and change the text after the slash (/) in the link.

    • For example, you change the link to to indicate that this link sends viewers to the brand Acme's new bird seed product.

  5. Select Advanced to view the advanced options to add Sub ID and Shared ID values. See the SubID and SharedID article for details on these advanced features.

  6. Select Create to create the new link.

You can also select the Facebook icon and/or the Twitter Icon to share this link directly on your social media accounts.


Interested in adding the link creation functionality directly to your browser? Select Download Chrome Plugin to view the Impact Deeplinking extension in the Chrome Web Store.

Find an asset to promote

This widget will show all available assets that you can use to promote the brand you've partnered with.

Use the search bar to search for assets from the list. Use the dropdown to sort based on asset type.

The list of assets will show the following:

Asset Type



This is the unique asset ID that's generated by Impact for the asset.

Ad Creative

If the asset is a display asset, a thumbnail of the asset's creative will appear here.

Ad Name

Shows the name of the asset.

Type and Size

Shows the asset type (text link, image, etc.) as well as the image size measured in pixels.

Ad Dashboard

Links to the Ad Dashboard report for the asset, showing additional details and performance data.

Get Code

opens an in-app screen that shows the HTML (or Iframe) code and tracking link for this asset. Select Copy to Clipboard to copy the asset code for pasting to your website, blog, etc. You can also select Customize Code to view advanced options for serving this asset.


Only direct partners joined to one brand will see this widget. Partners joined to the marketplace will see Find new brands to promote, detailed below.

Brands to work with instantly

This widget shows brands that you can join right away. These are brands that you are pre-qualified to work with and your application will be approved instantly. The widget will show you the name, logo, and payout associated with the brand. You can select View All to see all the brands you are pre-qualified to join.


Only partners that have joined the Brands Marketplace will see this widget.

Find new brands to promote

This widget will show a curated list of brands that are looking for new partners to join them. You'll see the following stats:




Shows the logo, name, and the website of the brand.

You can learn more about a brand by selecting the logo or the name of a brand you are interested in. You will be shown a card with more information about their program.


Shows the category of products and/or services that this brand offers.


Shows the payout rate and action as set in the advertiser's contract.

30 Day EPC

Shows the earnings per click over a 30 day window for this advertiser, if available.


Only partners that have joined the Brands Marketplace will see this widget. Direct partners will see Find an ad to promote, detailed above.

My Brands

This widget will show a list of the brands that you're working with.

Brand Data


Brand icon

Select the brand icon to view a new window in-app that shows your performance with, and details about, this brand. Select Actions to view additional options for the brand.


Select the link to view the full contract you have with this brand. Under the link you'll see the apyout you receive from this brand for an action (or conversion).


Select this icon to view a campaign dashboard report that shows and overview of your performance with this brand.


Select the link box to copy the tracking link for this brand to your clipboard.


Use the drop-down menu to view and manage your contract with this brand or to view the tracking integration configured for this brand.


Only direct partners that have partnered with multiple brands but haven't joined the marketplace will see this widget.

Contract Terms

This widget shows all payout rates for the actions you drive for your brand. Select View All to view your full contract with the brand.


Only direct partners joined to one brand will see this widget.

Brands waiting to partner with you

This widget shows brands that are interested in partnering with you and have proposed a contract, along with the date when they proposed their contract. Select a brand to view the proposed contracts. Select View All to see the full list of brands waiting to partner with you.


Only partners that have joined the Brands Marketplace will see this widget.

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