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Migrate My Business as a Partner

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Migrate your business to a new account

Before you start

Contact the Brand(s) you are partnered with to confirm that they are willing to migrate your contract with them to the new account. Alternatively, you can apply to their program with your new account if they confirm they are willing to accept the application.

  1. Create and set up a new partner account with your desired currency. For the sake of this guide, we will refer to this account as your new account.

  2. On your new account, join your desired brand(s) and program(s).

  3. On your existing account with the incorrect currency (for the sake of this guide, we will refer to this as your legacy account), expire all contracts with your brand(s) and make sure that all traffic has ceased to your existing ads and tracking links.

  4. In your legacy account, from the top navigation bar, select your wallet amount → Pending. Make sure that all your upcoming, pending, and overdue action earnings are processed and that there are no transactions on the Pending screen.

  5. Request to have your  Balance transferred from your legacy account to the new account by providing both account IDs in a support ticket (your account ID can be found at the top-left of any screen on

    Available Balance transfer restrictions will only migrate your business to a new account if the platform does not support the original account's chosen currency, your country of origin does not support the original account's currency, or an error was made by If none of these apply to your situation, you must withdraw all funds from the original account, close the original account yourself, then create a new account with the new account currency.

  6. Confirm that all your funds have been withdrawn from your legacy account and appear in your new account before continuing to the next step.

  7. Contact support to close your legacy account.


Now that your legacy account is closed, make sure to use content & tracking links from your new account, otherwise, you may not receive credit for driving actions.

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