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Funder Types for Brands Explained

All brand accounts are assigned a specific funder type upon sign-up. These funder types protect both brands and partners with document, contract, and instant payment restrictions to ensure that financial obligations are made on time.


If you want to find out which funder type you're currently allocated to, or need to change funder types, contact support.


Restriction details

Document restrictions

No payment request form (PRF) is available:

Partner Fund Transfer (PFT) restrictions

No immediate PFT is available:

  • The check-square-solid__2_.svg [Checkbox] to enable immediate PFTs is removed.

    • Note that scheduled transfers can still be processed by using the Create Transfer flow. Refer to Transfer Funds to a Partner for more information.

Contract restrictions

General locking terms:

All action locking occurs monthly and no daily, weekly, or bi-weekly locking is allowed.

GAAP day locking terms:

If a GAAP day is set, a {GAAP day - 2} rule applies.

Existing locking terms:

Action-locking periods cannot exceed 27 days.

Need help with payments?

If you've experienced problems with syncing your funding and financial obligation deadlines, contact support to make sure your billing settings are correctly configured.

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