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How to get paid in Brazilian Real (BRL)

Brazilian partners on can receive their commissions in Brazilian Real (BRL / R$) if they are either:

  • A Brazilian partner only working with brands outside of Brazil

  • A Brazilian partner only working with brands inside of Brazil (Nota Fiscal process)


If you want to work with brands both inside and outside of Brazil, you will need two separate accounts — one configured only for working with brands outside of Brazil, and another that follows the Nota Fiscal process and only works with brands inside Brazi.

Once you reach a minimum balance amount, you can withdraw your digital wallet balance and send it to your bank account. requires a minimum balance of BRL30 (R$30) before you can withdraw your account balance.

Step 1: Enable mobile two-factor authentication


Standard SMS messaging rates may apply — refer to your mobile carrier for details.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select user-circle-solid.svg [User Profile] → Edit Profile.

    • Alternatively for Creator accounts, in the upper-right corner of the page, select user-circle-solid.svg [User Profile] → Edit Profile.

  2. Select Phone Number (2FA).

  3. In the dropdown, select Brazil.

  4. Input your mobile phone number (e.g., 19912345678) — do not include your country code (e.g., +55).

  5. Select Verify. You should receive an SMS message with a verification code.

  6. Input your Verification Code, then select Submit.


Learn more

Learn more about two-factor authentication.

Step 2: Submit tax documents

If you're working with brands based in the United States, you'll need to submit tax documents. In most cases, you'll submit Form W-8BEN if you're an individual, or a Form W-8BEN-E if you're an organization.

If you don't see this option (e.g., you're not working with brands in the United States), you can skip this step.

Step 3: Add bank account info and configure Autopay

Add your bank account information so that you can set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly to your bank account, then establish your payout scheduling to determine how often you'll receive your funds.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select ellipsis-v-solid.svg [Menu] → Settings.

    • Alternatively for Creator accounts, in the upper-right corner of the page, select user-circle-solid.svg [User Profile]  → Settings.

  2. Under the Finance section, select Bank Account.

  3. Select Electronic Funds Transfer and add your bank account information. See Bank Account Details for reference. If needed, contact your bank or financial institution for help with codes and classifications.

  4. Next to Autopay, select Pay me when my balance reaches threshold BRL30 (R$30). Whenever your account balance reaches R$30, an EFT is automatically initiated. If you chose a fixed date, the minimum threshold is BRL140 (R$140) in order to withdraw.

  5. Select Save to securely save your information. Once saved, your bank account information is partially hidden for increased privacy.

Learn more

Learn more about how to complete your bank account settings. will then attempt to send a payment to your account — you will receive an email notification that your account balance has cleared for withdrawal.

Bank Account Details

Bank Location Country/Region (Banco Local País)

The country of your bank (in this case, select Brazil).

Payment Method

(Tipo de Pagamento)

This is based on your country — take note of any associated fees with your payment method, as these will be subtracted from your account balance upon withdrawal.

Beneficiary Account Name

(Beneficiário Nome da Conta)

Input the beneficiary account name of the bank account you're adding. This name must exactly match your name (or company name) that you submitted on your tax form (if applicable).


Your international bank account number. This consists of 29 characters.


A standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). It’s used to identify banks and financial institutions globally. Refer to your institution for help retrieving this number.

Classification (Classificação)

CPF stands for Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (Natural Persons Register). A CPF is an individual taxpayer identification number given to people living in Brazil, both native Brazilians and resident aliens, who pay taxes. A CPF is 11 digits long.

A CNPJ is a business taxpayer identification number. All businesses that are formed in Brazil must apply for a CNPJ number at the time of formation. Foreign companies that wish to invest or own assets in Brazil must also have a CNPJ number. A CNPJ is a 14-digit number.

Agency Code

(Código da agência)

5-digit branch code found in your IBAN.

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