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[Beta] Connect Your Personal Email to Your Account

Connect your personal email to your account to send emails to prospective partners directly from your email address. This adds a more personal feel to your recruiting and outreach efforts.

Note: This feature is only accessible to specific editions or add-ons. If you want to be included in the Beta, contact support.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select your user-circle-solid.svg [User Profile] → Edit Profile.

  2. Under the Send as email address section, select Connect email.

  3. Select your email provider and enter your email address.

  4. Select Next.

  5. Authenticate the account by completing any multifactor authentication step.

  6. will request that you Sign in to Mediarails. Mediarails is an company and was acquired by in September 2018. Select Continue.

  7. Select Select all to give the necessary permissions to send emails on your behalf.

  8. Select Continue.

    • Your email will now be connected to your account. This is denoted by the tickresized.svg Connected confirmation below your email address.

  9. Select Save to finalise the changes made to your profile.

Supported email providers supports integrating with the following email providers:

  • Gmail

  • Microsoft Office 365

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