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View and Manage Deals as a Partner

A Deal is a group of ads (and any related promo codes) that advertise a specific brand promotion. Use the Deals screen to discover standalone deals and access their assets or promo codes if the deal appeals to your audience.


Deals don’t affect your existing contract with a brand, so you’ll still receive regular commissions for the deal as set in your contract.

View deals

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Content → Deals.

    • Refer to the Filter reference table to filter through specific deals.

  2. Hover over a specific deal and select View Deal.

  3. From the deal slide-out, view the deal’s information, including:

    • The deal’s description

    • Deal actions
      View Promo Codes: If there are associated promo codes. View Assets: If there are associated assets.
    • Brand name

    • Deal's availability

    • Last updated time and date

    • Type

    • Scope

    • Discount

    • Minimum Purchase Amount
      This information is only displayed if there is a minimum purchase amount.
    • Maximum Savings
      This information is only displayed if there is a maximum savings amount.
    • Seasonality
      This information is only displayed if the deal is associated with a holiday or season.
    • Default promo code

    • Link
      This link is not the tracking link and can be used as a landing page for a tracking link.
Filter reference table



Name, Id

The unique Deal ID or name.


The brand associated with the deal.


The type of deal.

Deal types

  • Product launch

  • Free shipping

  • General sale

  • Gift with purchase

  • Rebate

  • BOGO (Buy one get one)


The scope of the deal.

Scope options

  • Category

  • Entire Store

  • Product


The current status of the deal.

Deal status options

  • All

  • Pending

  • Active

  • Expired


The Dates Active column provides more insight into the deal’s status. E.g., Sep 28, 2022 — Oct 2, 2022, Pacific Standard Time.


This filter indicates if the deal is assigned only to you or available to multiple partners.

Exclusive deals have a lock-solid__3_.svg [lock] next to their names.

Filter reference table

Save a custom deals screen

You can apply certain filters (e.g., to view all Pending BOGO deals) and save that view to access these specific deals easily.

  1. From the Deals screen, apply the filters you want to save.

  2. Above the filters, select Save.

  3. Optionally, name the new Deals view and select Save.

    • Set your new custom view as the default view for other account users by selecting check-square-solid__2_.svg [checkbox] Make this view available to other users.


Access deal promo codes or assets

You can access promo codes or assets from (1) the main Deals screen or (2) from a selected deal’s slide-out. You will be redirected to a new pre-filtered tab to view the promo code or assets related to that deal.


These options are only available if there are associated assets or promo codes available.

  1. Hover over a specific deal and select ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More] → View Promo Codes or View Assets.

  2. From the slide-out, select View Promo Codes or View Assets.



Learn more about managing assets.

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