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Create a Partner Segment

The Segments screen shows all of the existing segments created in your program. You can use segments to organize your partners into condition-based. Eg., by contract stage, partner groups, template terms and more.

Create a Segment

  1. From the left navigation bar, select PartnersAutomationSegments.

  2. In the upper-right corner, select Create Segment.

  3. Enter a segment name, that will be used as a title for the new segment.

  4. Specify the Conditions by which should segment partner. E.g., Contract Stage is Joined.

    • See the Segment selection conditions section below for more information on these conditions.

  5. Select Preview Segment Partner for a preliminary display of the segment. Once you're happy with the preview, select Save.

    Segment selection conditions

    Specific conditions can be created to develop a list of partners for a segment.


    Using the And operator will make the conditions exclusive, meaning that both conditions must be satisfied in order for a given partner to be included on the list.

    Select plus-circle-solid__1_.svg [Add another] to add another condition that’s independent of the first condition.

    The partners on a conditions-based newsletter segment can change depending on the conditions you select. For instance, having a condition saying Contract Stage is any of Joined + Prospecting Stage is of any New and Joined this will remove partners that are not part of these groups.

    Segment selection options



    Contract Stage

    Segment by partners whose contract status is in one or more of stages you specify.

    • See the Contract stage reference for more info about each stage.

    Contract stage reference

    Contract stage




    Awaiting Publisher Approval

    Partners who have not yet accepted your contract proposal.

    Awaiting Advertiser Approval

    Partners awaiting for contract approval from you.

    Publisher Declined

    Partners who have declined your contract proposals.

    Advertiser Declined

    Partners who have had their contract declined by you.


    Partners who are joined to your program.


    Partners whose contracts have been expired.

    Awaiting Contract Start

    Partners who have upcoming contracts starting with you.

    Advertiser Retracted

    Partners from whom you have withdrawn contract proposals.

    Advertiser Countered

    You have countered a contract proposal

    Publisher Retracted

    Partners who have withdrawn contracts they've proposed to you.

    Publisher Countered

    Partners who have countered one of your contract proposals.

    Pending Contract Expired

    The proposed contract has expired.


    The template term has been archived by you.


    Partners who have contracts that you've suspended.


    Partners whose contracts you have cancelled.

    Publisher Deactivated

    Partners who have left the platform.

    Partner Group

    Search for partner groups that include the desired partners. More than one can be selected.

    Prospecting Stage

    The current stage of a potential partner in the recruitment life cycle.

    • See the Prospect stage reference for more info about each stage.

    Prospect stage reference

    Prospect stage


    Select All

    Apply all prospect stages.


    Partners you've tagged as prospects, but have yet to email or send a proposal to.


    Partners you've sent an email or a proposal to, but have yet to respond to you.


    Partners that have responded to you, but have yet to agree to any terms.

    Rejected by Partner

    Partners that have rejected your proposal.

    Rejected by You

    Partners that you have rejected from joining your program.


    Partners who are joined to your program.


    Partners whose contracts have been expired.


    Partners who have contracts that you've suspended.

    Contract ID

    The unique identifier of the contract between you and the partner. You can get the contract ID by:

    1. Go to the Contracts screen, hover your cursor over the contract, and select ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More]Download PDF.

    2. In the header of the downloaded PDF, see the Insertion Order Name field to see the name and the ID of the contract.

    Partner Name

    Specify which partners to segment by selecting them or filtering them by name with a text search.

    Partner ID

    The unique identifier for your partners. You can access this by going to PartnersPartners and seeing the ID in the Partner field.

    Partner Template Term

    Specify which partner template terms by selecting them or filtering them by name with a text search.

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