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View, Contact, & Propose Contracts to Prospective Partners

View partner information

  1. Find some partners with whom you’d want to potentially partner.

  2. Select a partner's tile card to view their information.

  3. A screen will appear that displays a preview of the partner’s webpage and social channels on the left and information about the partner on the right.

    • To learn more about the information available on the partner, see the Partner information reference table below.

    Partner information reference




    A self-written description of this partner.

    Partner ID

    The unique ID of this partner.

    Alexa Rank

    This metric measures the most popular websites globally. Lower is better. E.g., 1 is 2 is, etc.

    Moz Spam Score

    This is the spam analysis score for this partner. It ranges between 0 and 17. 0 means 0.5% possibility of spam while 17 means 100%. Lower is better.

    Moz Domain Authority

    Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages. Domain Authority scores range from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater likelihood of ranking well in Google/Bing/Yahoo.

    Social Audience

    This number is the estimate of unique monthly visitors to this partner’s social channels.

    Engagement Rate

    The percentage of a partners’ audience that engages with created content.

    Monthly Visitors

    How large of a following the partner has. This number is the estimate of unique monthly visitors to this partner.

    Audience Authenticity

    The percentage of how much of the partners’ audience can be authenticated as “real” people. This metric is only for partners who have an Instagram channel.

    Promotional Methods

    How this partner drives clicks to your site. E.g., Loyalty, content, influencer, etc.

    Audience Countries

    The countries in which this partner’s audience is based.


    The tags will tell you more about the fields in which this partner works.


    These are the categories under which the partner identifies themselves.

Contact the partner

You can contact the partner on the Partner information screen.

  1. On the right side, select [email] to send an email message to the partner from the platform. This message will get sent to their email inbox.

  2. After drafting your email, select the Send email button to send the email to the partner.


Propose a contract to a partner

  1. From the Partner information screen, select Propose Contract.

  2. Choose a Template Term to propose to the partner.

  3. Set the Contract Dates. This includes the Start Date, time, and time zone.

    • Select whether the contract should be Ongoing or Temporary.

      • If you select Temporary, you will need to specify the ending date and time of the contract. Optionally, you can select the option to fallback to another set of template terms should the temporary contract run its course.

  4. Specify the Approval Options.

    • You can Replace the existing contract if you are already partnered with this partner—the partner does not need to approve this change.

    • Alternatively, you can Propose a contract to a partner with whom you are not yet partnered—the partner will have to approve the proposal.

      Optionally, you can set a proposal expiration date and not allow partners to counter the offer’s terms.

  5. Optionally, you can also include a message to the partner.

  6. Select Submit to send the proposal to the partner.

    • They'll receive an email with your proposal, and will have the ability to either sign in to and accept your offer, or to create an partner account to accept your offer.


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