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Complete your Media Property Verification Process

When you connect your media properties to the platform, a verification process is set into motion to establish that you are the rightful owner of the connected media properties. This process facilitates your receipt of future payments by confirming your identity and the credibility of your promotional channels.

Note: The steps below are only necessary to follow if your properties have failed to verify in the app or through self-verification via the website.

Step 1: Connect media property

Connect your website, social media profiles, mobile apps, podcasts, and other media properties to so that brands can see where you promote to your audience.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select ellipsis-v-solid.svg [Menu] → Settings.

  2. Under the Profile section, select Media Properties.

  3. In the top right corner, select Create Media Property → {the type of media property you wish to connect}.

  4. Follow the prompts to fill in the necessary fields / log in to the social media platform.

    • For detailed instructions on how to connect a specific property, see the Properties reference below.

    Properties reference

    Property instructions to connect & verify


    Websites book-open-solid.svg

    The business/personal website that you use to advertise to your audience. These can be verified.

    Social media profiles & pages book-open-solid.svg

    The social media profiles, pages, or communities that you manage or advertise on.

    WeChat, Weibo, and LinkedIn cannot be verified.

    Facebook properties require a Facebook Page. Facebook profiles cannot be added.

    All other social media options shown can be verified.

    Mobile apps book-open-solid.svg

    Any mobile apps on iOS or Android that you manage, own, or advertise in—like a mobile game. These cannot be verified.

    Email newsletters book-open-solid.svg

    Emails or newsletters that you send to your audience and advertise in. These cannot be verified.

    Podcasts book-open-solid.svg

    Recorded podcasts that you own, manage, or advertise in. These cannot be verified.

    Offline and other media properties book-open-solid.svg

    Any other properties you use to advertise that don't fit into the above categories. These cannot be verified.

Step 2: Verify your identity

Follow these instructions to supply's compliance team with the information they need to verify your identity and the legitimacy of your media properties.

  1. Compose an email with the following recipient address and subject line:

    • Recipient address:

    • Subject line: Identity Verification for Updated Media Properties

  2. In the body of the email, provide the following:

    • Your partner account number.

      • Find this by selecting your account name in the upper-left corner of the screen.

    • A clear photograph or scanned copy of your government-issued identity document (ID) or passport.

      • If you're a partner who represents a company, provide the ID of one of the company's Ultimate Beneficial Owners or a copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation external-link-alt-solid.svg.

    • An ID selfie.

    • The last 4 digits of your registered bank or PayPal account number.

  3. Ensure that all image and PDF attachments are fully uploaded and rendered correctly.

  4. Send the email.

    • You can follow your media property Verification Status on the Media Properties screen. For more information on these statuses, see the Verification status reference below.

    Verification status reference



    Not Yet Verified

    The media property hasn't been verified yet.


    The media property is properly verified and will appear in your marketplace profile.


    The media property connection has expired and needs to be reconnected to be verified.

    Not available

    The media property cannot be verified.

Step 3: Be proactive processes a large number of media property verification requests, but rest assured that your request is in progress.'s verification process may require some time, but this ensures thoroughness and accuracy. Typically, the verification of media properties takes between 7 to 10 working days.

Tips to minimize the impact of the delay:

  • Avoid logging unnecessary support tickets as this will increase the number of requests that need processing.

  • Double-check that you have no payment requirements which could extend the delay more than necessary.

  • Stay informed by reading up about the factors that influence when partners receive payouts: Why Haven't I Received My Payouts Yet?

  • If the delay exceeds 15 working days, contact support to figure out what may be causing the unexpected delay.

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