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Manage Your Notification Frequency Settings as a Partner

Notifications keep you informed about events happening in your account. In this article, you’ll learn how notifications work and how to modify their frequency.

Notification types will notify you of when events occur in your account. By default, you'll receive notifications about:

  • Admin events
    When new users are invited and join.
  • Finance events
    When payments are processed.
  • Brand events
    When brands receive your invitations, action inquiries are acted on, contracts are updated, and more.
  • Technical events
    when your FTP or API credentials are reset or generated.
  • Search Compliance events
    When you bid on unauthorized branded keywords or trademarks.
  • Promo Code Compliance events
    when you have advertised an expired or restricted promo code.
  • Messages events
    When you receive a message from a Brand.

You can also create custom notification events.

Modify notifications

  1. From the left navigation bar, select bell-solid.svg [Notification] to view your notifications.

    • Alternatively, for Creator accounts, in the top navigation bar, select bell-solid.svg [Notifications].

  2. In the upper-right corner of the notification panel, select cog-solid.svg [Settings].

  3. Hover over a line item and select pencil-alt-solid.svg [Edit] to edit an item.

  4. Use the drop-down menus to modify the notification method and frequency.


Notification method and frequency

Notifications can be sent by the following methods and frequencies:

  • Send email when event occurs: A per-event basis

  • Send a daily digest email: Receive a daily breakdown of your notifications

  • Send a weekly digest email: Receive a weekly breakdown of your notifications

  • Send SMS: Receive an SMS to your mobile device regarding a specific notification

  • Specific settings (Advanced): For each notification, you can select Specific settings (Advanced) from the dropdown to specify the frequency at a more granular level.

  • Don’t send notifications: You will not be notified when an event occurs


Note: These notification frequencies are not all applicable to notification events.

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