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Add, Manage & Troubleshoot Promotion Files

The Product Promotions feature allows you to share your product promotions with your partners. These promotions will be available on partner product feeds, product APIs, and’s product marketplace.

We’ll cover…

  • Uploading promotion files
  • Viewing promotion files
  • Troubleshooting promotion file errors and warnings

Upload a promotion file

  1. From the left navigation panel, select Content → Products   [Drop-down menu] → Product Promotions.

  2. Near the top-right of the page, select Upload Promotion File.
  3. Enter your Promotion File Name.
  4. Select your Upload Method.

    Direct Upload Pull From URL
    1. Select the file Format.
      • supports Google Merchant Center (TXT format) .txt and Google Merchant Center (CSV format) .csv files.
        Refer to the feed field reference table for more information on these fields.
    2. Select Choose File.
      • Locate the file you want to upload on your computer.
  5. Select your preferred language and Save.

Product promotion feed field reference

Expected fields
ID {promotion_id} *Required
The unique ID of each promotion.
This ID is in number format and should not contain spaces or symbols.

Applicability {product_applicability} *Required
This attribute specifies if the promotion applies to all products or only to specific products.
Supported values:
  • [all_products]
  • [specific_products]


If the value is specific products [specific_products], you must map a [promotion_id] to applicable products in your products feed.

Description {long_title} *Required
The full title of each promotion.
The maximum length of the title is 60 characters.

Free mug with purchase
Effective {promotion_effective_dates} *Required
The period for the promotion.
  • The start and end dates are separated by a forward slash (/).
  • The date format is (YYYY-MM-DD), followed by the letter ‘T’, the time of day when the sale starts or ends, and an expression of the time zone for the sale.

Display {promotion_display_dates} Optional
This attribute specifies the date and the time frame when the promotion will be live.
The start and end dates are separated by a forward slash (/).

Channel {redemption_channel} *Required
This attribute indicates that the promotion is valid online or in-store.
Supported values:
  • [online]
  • [in_store]
Offer Code Type {offer_type} *Required
This attribute indicates whether or not a coupon code is required for customers to redeem the offer.
Supported values:
  • [no_code]
  • [generic_code]


If the value for this attribute is generic_code, generic_redemption_code is required.

Offer Code {generic_redemption_code} Optional
This attribute specifies the code that can be used online to redeem the promotion.
The maximum length is 20 characters.

{promotion_destination} Optional
This attribute specifies the format of each promotion.
Supported values:
  • [Shopping_ads]
  • [Buy_on_Google_listings]
  • [Free_listings]


To submit your promotion to one or more destinations, submit each destination value as a separate column.


Download this template to help guide you when you upload your promotions.

View or delete promotion files

Once uploaded, you can view a list of promotions with the File Name, Health, Upload State, No. of Promotions, and Last Updated.

  1. Select   [More] and View Promotions to view uploaded product promotions.
  2. Select Delete to delete the uploaded product promotions.

Download and filter promotion files

  • Select   [Download] to download the promotion files and   [Column] to add or remove column headers.
  • Search for promotion files by typing in full or part of the description in the Description box and selecting Enter on your keyboard.

Promotion file health indicator

If promotion files contain any errors or warnings, you’ll see a total of each in the Health column. The color of the indicator changes according to the health of the uploaded promotion file.

Your promotion file is uploading and being processed.
A “healthy” promotion file with no errors or warnings.
Certain suggested fields that contain crucial data could be missing, however, the file can still be uploaded.
Required information is missing in more than 10% of the records you sent in. This promotion file will have to be fixed and re-uploaded.

Troubleshoot error and warning messages

View errors and warnings

On the Product Promotions screen, select the errors and warnings link from the Health column to find out information like the error type and error message.

Search and filter errors

You can use the Search field and filters to better sort through the product promotion upload errors. The Error Type filters include the following:

  • All
  • Warning
  • Error
  • Duplicate

Error and warning messages

Error Message
Required field(s) missing:{Required field}
One or more of the required fields are missing in the upload file.
Records skipped due to an expired effective date
The promotion's effective end date is in the past and that record is skipped.

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