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Partner Reports Overview

The Reports Overview report shows you a wide range of tracking data and condensed reports. Points of interest, like your Top Brands, Performance by Day, and Top Promo Codes reports, are all displayed in this overview.

This screen is the only place the view your Top Brands, Top Categories, and Top Promo Codes reports. Performance reports can all be found on the All Reports screen.

Find the overview

Any report you create here can be scheduled or saved by using the buttons in the top right corner of the screen.

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Reports → All Reports.

  2. Under Dashboard, select Overview.

    • You can also pin the report to the Reports [Drop-down menu] by selecting Add to Reports Dropdown in the Actions column.

  3. Below Overview, you can filter for the date period you want to view. Select [Search] when you have the filters in place that you want.

  4. In the top right corner of the graph, you can customize how and what data is presented for the date period chosen.

  5. Below the graph, view snapshots of some report including your Top Brands and Performance by Month reports.

    • View the Reports reference for more information.

Reports reference



Top Brands

View the brands you are driving the most actions for. This report also includes other KPI's, like clicks.

Top Categories

See the kinds of products your audience is buying from your partnered brands. This report is sorted by quantity sold in the date range in Step 3 above.

Top Promo Codes

View the promo codes your audience is using the most.

Performance by Day

See the results of your marketing efforts broken down by day.

Performance by Referring Domain

View where your audience members are usually coming from when they make a purchase you drove.

Not all of your audience members may have a referring domain. This likely means they went directly to your partnered brand's website and purchased something instead of, for example, clicking on an asset you are hosting then purchasing something.

Performance by Referral Type

View the popular ways tracks audience actions (like purchases). These are determined by your partnered brand(s).

Performance by Month

See the results of your marketing efforts broken down by month.

This snapshot will not appear if you select to show less than 1 month in Step 3 above.

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