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Import Partners Into Your Program

The Import Partners tool is a migration tool to transfer your existing partners to the platform. A new account for each partner is automatically created whereafter they’ll receive a welcome email with an activation link to set up a password. Each partner is invited to a template term that they have to review and accept as part of their registration.


This tool creates new accounts and user profiles based on the required information provided in the uploaded import file. No data from a previous network will be added to the new profile. We recommend reaching out to your CSM (or contact support) before importing partners so we can assist you through the process.

Import partners

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. Under Tools, select Import Partners.

  3. Select the template term from the drop-down menu you want your invited partners to join.

  4. Upload the .CSV file with the Partners’ information.

  5. Select Submit.


The Show/hide format file details option displays the column headers that must be included in your file. For your convenience, select Copy columns to clipboard and paste the items into a spreadsheet.

Create a partner import file

  1. Copy the column headers into your own Google Sheet or Excel file.

  2. Add your partner data to the file.

  3. Save it in .CSV format.

Additional ways to add partners

It is possible to add and review partners on template terms in the following ways:

  • Branded links

  • Template term actions

  • In bulk

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