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Modify Which Partners are in a Group

Once you have partner group(s) created, you can add or remove partners as needed.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Partners → Partners.

  2. In the list of your partners, select [Checked box] next to the partner(s) you want to add to your group.

  3. Select Groups at the top of the list to reveal a drop-down, then select [Checked box] next to the groups you want the selected partner(s) to be in.

  4. Select Apply.

Remove partners from a group

You can remove partners from a group by following the above directions—just selecting [Checked box] next to the group(s) that the selected partners should be removed from, then select Apply instead.

If you see a in the Groups [Drop-down menu], then at least one of the partners you selected is not in the same group(s) as the others. You can add all partners that are not in the group with the [Minus] next to it by selecting [Minus], then selecting Apply.

Consider the screenshot below. The partner in the first row (Partner A) is in both the Influencers and Loyalty groups, and the partner in the second row (Partner B) is only in the Loyalty group. If you select the Groups [Drop-down menu] in the top left corner, you can add Partner B to the Influencers group by selecting [Minus] next to Influencers, then Apply.


The selected partners will be removed from any partner groups that do not have a [Checked box] next to them in the Groups [Drop-down menu]. For example, for the image below, all partners selected would be removed from the Loyalty partner group if only Influencers has a [Checked box] next to it when you select Apply.


You can add a partner to a new group, by typing the new group's name on the selected prospect slide-out on the Prospects page. The new group will automatically be created in the process.

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