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Performance Reports Overview

Track and review your program's performance by using the Performance Reports available in Impact's Partnership Cloud. These reports offer data aggregated in different ways, with each report easily extracting and sorting data within the Impact platform.

Default performance reports

Default performance reports will always start off pinned to your left navigation menu under Reports → Performance. They can be unpinned at any time by navigation to All Reports, finding the report you want to unpin, then selecting Unpin in the Actions column. Check the table below for a brief description of each report and a link to the report's Help Center article.



By Partner

Performance data is broken down by the partner that generated it.

By Day

Performance data is broken down by the day on which it was generated.

By Ad

Performance data is broken down by the ad from which it was generated.

Action Listing

List all actions and their details generated in a selected date range.

Customize, save, and export reports

Build customized reports that you can easily save, email, and export in a variety of formats.

Customize graphs and tables

For reports with a trend graph, select to switch between a line graph, bar graph, or area graph. Select the icon within the trend graph to change the graph metric. You can view a trend graph generated from click, action, or impression data.

Use [Customize] in the top-right corner of the report's table to show and hide different columns.


If you're looking for a totally unique reporting solution or want to choose exactly what data is presented in a report, check out the Impact Data Lab.

Save and export reports

When you're happy with the changes you've made, select Save at the top of the screen. This will create a new report that can be found on the All Reports screen when you use the Custom category filter.

Reports can also be exported in 2 ways and are done by using the buttons in the top-right corner of your screen.

  • Use [Schedule] to schedule when your report will regularly get sent out. You can also run one-off reports here.

  • Use [Download] to download the report in PDF, XLSX (Excel), or CSV formats.

If you want to run reports via API, refer to our API documentation.

Pin a performance report

If you want to quickly return to any performance report, you can pin it to the left navigation menu.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Reports → More Reports.

  2. Select the Category filter, then select Performance.

  3. Find and hover on the report you want to pin, then, select Pin.

These pinned reports will appear in the left navigation menu, under Reports → Performance.

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