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Which Products Can I Promote as a Partner?

You can check out exactly which products you can promote from the Products Screen. This list is formed from the product catalogs that your partnered brands manage; you can see what the product looks like, what it costs to buy, and what your payout for driving a sale would be.

You can use this screen to customize and retrieve a tracking link or embedded HTML code for a specific product—you would use these to promote the product.

View promotable products

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Products.

  2. From here, you can:

Learn more about a product

After you find a product you might want to promote or learn more about, you can select the product's card to see more information on the product. The table below provides more detail on the information you can find here.

Product Detail


General Product Info

The name of the product, its price, and its description.


What you can earn for driving an action with this product.

Landing Page

A link to the product's web page.


What category the brand has chosen for this product.


Whether the product is currently in stock.


The product's stock-keeping unit (SKU).

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